Vitamins, enzymes, omega fatty acids...? These substances somewhat remain in oil and are somewhat removed during refining. But what substance is never observed in crystal-clear, refined and deodorized oil?

Our customers often ask us “There are Original and Creamy oat flakes in Ecorod assortment, and what's the difference between them?”. Here is our answer.

Original oat flakes are made of organic whole oats by steaming and subsequent crushing. They are made of whole grains, so they keep all the nutrients. The cooked oatmeal resembles “Hercules” classic oatmeal. It is cooked for about 5 minutes.

Traditionally, Ukrainians, as well as most people of the former Soviet Union, consume brown buckwheat (which is steamed or roasted), as opposed to West Europeans, who prefer green buckwheat (if any). In the European Union buckwheat is not a traditional food. The only exception is Czech Republic, but again, the saying “Buckwheat is our mother” won’t be relevant in this country.

Let's answer the question: What is green buckwheat, and what is steamed buckwheat?

To research this issue, we need to go deep into the history. Thus we will understand the reasons for the rapid growth in popularity of today's spelt in Western Europe.

So, what is emmer, spelt, kamut, and dinkel?