• Andrey Olefirenko

    My goal is harmony. And organic products are a part of this plan. To this I add regular sports, creativity at work and my beloved woman. This is my recipe.

  • Aleksandr Mironenko
    Commercial Director

    I started my career in the area of food sales and services in 2005 after graduating NTUU “KPI” in technical specialty. I have been working in Ecorod Company since 2011, from the first day of its establishment. It is the place where I finally decided that my career of an expert is associated with sales and well-provided services.

  • Alex Molchanov
    Sales Manager

    “Customer is the most important visitor. He does not depend on us, but we depend on him. He is the aim of our work and a part of it”, I think that this slogan is best suited for marketing and promotion of high-quality organic products on the Ukrainian market.

  • Natalya Chebotariova

    I am not the key person, but yet a very important one for the company's work. As an accountant, I always follow the two rules:
    - Rule №1: “Never lose the company’s money”.
    - Rule №2: “Never forget rule №1”.
    My aim is to reach highest level in the professional team.

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