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Spelt flour

Spelt flour is made by grinding organic spelt wheat (also called spelt). It is one of the oldest cultivated wheat species in human history. The grain is highly labor intensive in cultivatating and when threshed, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. To preserve the nutrients of the spelt, the useful shell of the grain and its germ flour are ground to a coarse product. It is the bran which provides the product's high biological value. All of the cereal's unique properties are concentrated in them.
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Corn flour

Organic corn flour is an environmentally friendly product made from non-GMO natural corn grains. The culture is grown in accordance with European organic standards and contains many useful elements. Modern production methods make it possible to preserve them in flour to ensure a high quality. In order to receive the organic Euroleaf label, we have gone through a rigorous European certification process.
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Rye flour

Organic rye flour or whole-grain rye flour is made from whole grain of organic rye, together with shell (bran) and germ. Due to this, such flour contains the same amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber as solid organic rye grains. For a long time, rye flour has been used for industrial baking of bread only. Today, however, it increasingly appears in the home kitchen. It can be used to make biscuits, pancakes, muffins, pies, cakes and other goodies. Usually, rye flour is supplemented with high grade (all-purpose) wheat flour, since rye flour contains less gluten, which determines its baking properties.

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Durum flour

Durum flour is made from grains organically grown in healthy fields without the use of artificial chemicals. This valuable cereal is very rich in protein and a highly digestible starch of a particular crystalline consistency. Made from the durum organic wheat the flour is high in gluten and exhibits excellent baking properties.
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Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour is made from organic coconuts which are grown in Sri Lanka without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Coconuts, which originate from the Indian Ocean coast, have a tender and juicy pulp. The fruit is processed into flour through cold pressing and gentle drying followed by grinding. All of the processes, from the planting of coconut trees to the packaging of the flour, comply with EU requirements for organic products. The flour does not contain GMOs, preservatives, or artifial coloring: this is a certified organic product completely in tune with nature.
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Whole wheat flour

Organic wheat flour is made from whole grain of organic soft wheat, including bran and germ. Due to this fact, such flour contains more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than regular wheat flour. Whole wheat flour is a valuable product for a healthy diet.

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High Grade All-Purpose Flour

High-grade flour is made of endosperm of organic soft wheat grains. High grade wheat flour is widely used for cooking pancakes, fritters, dumplings, confectioneries, in pasta production, and as a sauce thickener. In the US, this flour belongs to “ALL-PURPOSE WHEAT FLOUR”.

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