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Organic chickpeas are a trendy, environmentally friendly product with European certification. This legume is grown in accordance with the principles of organic farming without the use of any chemicals. Its introduction into crop rotation contributes to soil fertility due thanks to its nitrogen enrichment. Compared with traditional farming, organic farming improves the health of human and nature itself. The farming methods used contribute to the completely natural nutrients in chickpeas.

Mung bean

Organic mung bean is a unique legume grown in natural conditions without the use of chemicals. Its small green beans contain all the essential amino acids. Additionally, those valuable elements will increase when they germinate. This high-vitamin product is a true warehouse of energy and good health. It is certified as organic with the corresponding Euroleaf label.

Red lentils

Organic red lentils are a popular lentil variety often found in Turkish and Indian recipes. This leguminous crop is grown on certified organic soil. The fields are not treated with any chemicals and are subject to annual environmental inspections. The product is certified in accordance with EU requirements for organic agriculture and has the special Euroleaf designation.

Green lentils

Organic green lentils are one of the most wholesome legumes, rich in nutrients and low in calories. They are grown in an organic farming system and are an organic product certified in accordance with EU standards.

Black lentil

Organic black lentil is the rarest variety of lentils, also known as Beluga lentils. The small black beans look strikingly similar to beluga caviar. As well, black beans are almost as good as black caviar in terms of protein per 100 g of product. The shell's dark color is indicative of the high antioxidant activity in the pigments of the beans. These antioxidants are capable of slowing damage and aging of the body's cells. The product is certified in accordance with strict EU organic standards, as evidenced by the Euroleaf label on the packaging.


Organic beans are grown on certified organic lands without the use of agrochemicals. This is the most common plant of the legume family. Vegetarians value beans for the high content of vegetable protein and fibre. Beans contain the most important vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, PP, zinc, copper, potassium, iodine, iron, sulphur, magnesium, as well as amino acids, such as lysine, arginine, methionine, and tyrosine. Thanks to this content, beans affect healthily immune and nervous systems, regulate metabolism, help to remove stones from gall bladder and kidney, remove liver inflammatory processes, improves gastric activity.


Organic pea groats are dried, carefully peeled, polished and split peas that are grown in environmentally friendly fields. Its seeds are high in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. With a light sweet taste and soft creamy texture, yellow peas have found their place in many dishes from around the world. There are many receipes in which peas are used: puree soup, porridge, hummus, stews, pancakes, puddings and sauces.